At Loveders, we are totally committed to providing your children with a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet.

All of our meals are prepared from scratch, on site by our qualified chef, Ashley. The menus are designed to expose your children to a wide range of flavours, ingredients, tastes and textures whilst at the same time making mealtimes fun and a social part of the day. We are proud to say that our food contain very little sugar or salt and the children get a wide choice of fruit and vegetables with each meal. We have consulted nutritionists and dentists to ensure your children receive the best nutrition possible. Our staff join the children at mealtimes in order to help them learn to use cutlery, serve themselves and model positive behaviour and table manners.

We are happy to cater for specific dietary requirements such as gluten or dairy intolerances.

In Little Loveders, we have a dedicated milk kitchen where we can store breast milk or provide formula. We are also experienced weaners and are happy to help families with the transition to solid foods



A choice of low sugar cereals or toast is available between 7:30am and 8:30am


At noon, children will be given a choice of main course served with three vegetables and either pasta, potatoes, rice or cous cous. Desert will be fresh fruit.


At 4:30 pm children are served a light tea such as jacket potatoes with various fillings or spaghetti bolognaise.

Snacks and Drinks

Children are served snacks such as crackers, cheese straws, rice cakes and fruit mid morning and mid afternoon. They will also be given a choice of milk or water to drink at snack and meal times and water is freely available to children throughout the day.

Example Menus

Stick Man

We are very proud to have been awarded "OFSTED OUTSTANDING"

Please take a look at our latest Ofsted report. Well done team!