Two to Four Year Olds

Freeflow encourages children to make their own choices throughout the day, sustaining their interest in learning, through play. Focused sessions allow the children to play, learn and develop in their own age groups. Activities are planned specifically for 2 year old, 3 year old and 4 year olds, supporting key areas of development and taking into account their individual interests and abilities.

Exceptional, highly qualified staff with lots of experience use skilled interaction to extend children’s learning.


An extensive outdoor environment is available to the children. The soft playground and climbing areas encourage physical development, and the exciting garden and vegetable growing areas encourage children’s understanding of the world.

Spacious, well equipped, indoor play areas, set out as workshops, provide learning opportunities in all the Early Years Foundation Stage Areas of Learning and Development. Tasty, varied and nutritious food is provided by our qualified chef. Flexible booking arrangements offer parents the choice of care for their children when they need it.