Little Loveders

Little Loveders is located in an exclusive area at our setting, specifically allocated for the care of the under twos, including an adjacent sleep room. The play room is spacious, light and airy and full of resources tailored for babies and toddlers to learn through play and exploration.

There are well planned areas of the room where the children can experience sensory play, soft play, movement, creative play, role play, a cosy area with books, water and sand, and a sound and songs area. A separate outdoor play area has been established for Little Loveders with age appropriate resources.


Little Loveders is well secured and separate from the rest of the setting, but there will be times in the day, as the children get older, when they will be introduced to, and begin to mix with, the older children. Learning to socialise is an important developmental step and this contact provides a context for this as well as preparing the children for the step up to the nursery at around two years of age.

Their parents and Key Person will play a big part in this transition, as will the nursery’s Two-year- old Co-Ordinator, ensuring that there is continuity in meeting each child’s emotional and physical needs.