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The older children really enjoyed a visit to the woods to see all the beautiful bluebells. They were extremely lucky with the weather and were able to have their drink and snacks amongst the bluebells. They took some amazing photos which they have used to recreate a large finger painting display of the bluebell woods.

We spent a week focusing on healthy teeth. The children learnt how to clean their teeth properly and how much toothpaste to use. We sang songs about teeth and did experiments using eggs and fizzy drinks to show what happens to your teeth when you drink too much sugary drinks. They also made their own toothpaste.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our superheroes week and many children came dressed up as their favourite characters. They used their imaginations to play in our small world superhero area, using problem solving skills to work out how to free the superheroes who had been captured and frozen in ice and their hand-eye coordination to free the superheroes who had been tied up. We also took the opportunity to add some very important superhero rules.

We recently created an outdoor garage for mending cars and car washing. The children had a great fun washing the cars and demonstrated some good team work and turn-taking. We extended this further by taking children out to wash our nursery cars. They were encouraged to work together to ensure the car was washed and that everyone was involved.

We are currently in the process of developing our amazing outdoor learning environment. We have already had a new mud kitchen built, which the children have put to good use. We have a new shed in the playground that will contain literacy, numeracy, mark-making and storytelling resources. This will be supported with a new storytelling comfy zone and mark-making area. We are also in the process of creating an outdoor small world environment in the garden. This will give the children a range of natural environments such as mud, grass and woodchip as well as using the existing trees and shrubs to support their imaginative play. It is also that time of year for the children to be seeding and planting in our vegetable plots and the children have really thrown themselves into these activities.


Little Loveders

This term Little Loveders have themed their planning. Themes have included Space, beach, animals and colours. The children have thoroughly enjoyed many sensory and tactile activities such as colour mixing with paints on large pieces of card with cling film over the top, as the children walk and crawl over it the paint mixes together. The have explored animals in semolina indoors and soil in the garden, water play with different coloured glitter and painting animals by crawling through paint and then onto the pictures. They made their own sand for beach week and created a sea theme small world area with pirate ships and sea creatures. They have incorporated many songs to their singing time to fit the weeks themes such as zoom, zoom.

Little Lovedes are also in the process of developing their outdoor area. They too are creating a water play area including a water feature on the fence, a storytelling area and a messy play tyres to include sand and mud to dig or add small world figures. They will also have a new blackboard for mark making and a storage shed allowing them have more resources available to them in their area. The children really enjoy exploring the whole outside area when the nursery children are indoors. They particular enjoyed digging in the vegetable plot at the end of the garden, playing with the guinea pigs and having the use of all the cars and trikes in the playground.

Freezone out of school club
and holiday club

This term the Freezone children have continued visiting local parks once a week after school. They really enjoy having the space to play football and chasing games as well as using the play equipment. Freezone has also themed their weeks, taking part in many creative activities about mini beasts, the beach and sensory play. Cooking activities are always very popular and the children are keen for the food to come out of the oven. Their creations don’t always make it home as some children choose to eat them for their tea, especially when making pizzas.

The holiday club enjoyed a picnic at the top of Kingley Vale. They managed-risk taking amazingly well as they climbed many trees going higher and higher each time. It always surprises us how the children remain enthusiastic and full of energy for the whole day. We hope they all slept well! They also cooked their own bbq for lunch and had a scrap heap challenge day using their imaginations to the max, creating some amazing models.